AGRIFAdaptive Grid Refinement in Fortran
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The agTAF will support investees of the agRIF Fund in developing innovative products and channels to bring affordable financial services closer to underserved rural and agricultural clients, as well as in improving risk management techniques and overall financial, social and environmental performance.
He adds, The timing of the launch of agTAF comes at the right moment, as the agRIF Fund has built up a significant number of agriculturally focused investments and we observe a high need to support these investees in realizing their impact objectives.
Supporting technical assistance alongside our investment in the agRIF Fund is an imperative for us to ensure that microfinance companies are not only financed, but also receive the necessary technical support to improve their business with smallholder farmers, says Hannah Siedek, Microfinance Loan Officer at the EIB.
Contract award: on the development of demonstrators market agrif
The coupling is realized with the AGRIF software developed by INRIA.