AGRRAuto Glass Repair/Replacement
AGRRAngora Goat Record and Registry
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Based on the spatial lag coefficient, the average total impact on AGRR from the change in X is 0.
When a state opens a new casino, on average, AGRR increases between $116.
However, the slot increase in the neighboring states would improve their AGRR between $4,643 and $5,595, resulting in a net loss in gaming revenue for the region of between $11,687 and $14,083.
As expected, there is a positive increase in AGRR as the number of slots available in a given area (Access increases, but the increase in AGRR slows as more slots are added to the particular location.
When a state introduced table games, it received about $360 million in additional AGRR on average.
A one million dollar increase in a state's real gross state product will result, on average, in an increase between $3,490 and $4,930 in AGRR depending on the model used.
In the log model, it appears that casino revenues are highly elastic within the state: a 1% change in real GSP leads to a direct change in AGRR of 2.