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AGRSActief GPS Referentie Systeem
AGRSAirborne Gamma Ray Spectrometric (radiation)
AGRSAngus Glens Ranger Service (Scottish Natural Heritage; UK)
AGRSAutomatic Grease Removal System (product)
AGRSAmerican General Retirement Services
AGRSAmerican Graves Registration Service
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Ed Clemons, charter member of the 64th AGRS, put it this way: "The best possible feeling for an aggressor was to come back from a flight out of breath, tired, and sweaty, knowing he used every tactic, employed every advantage he knows, and still did not come away with a 'kill.
AGRS supervisors need to develop and sustain a relationship with their Weapons School, 422nd TES, and Red Flag peers to maintain awareness of pilot performance and then follow up on violations.
September 2007 saw the first AGRS road shows in seven years (the 64th AGRS to Eglin AFB, Florida, and the 65th AGRS and 507th Air Defense Aggressor Squadron to Shaw AFB, South Carolina).
Once the 64th and 65th AGRS reach 24 PAAs each and the 18th AGRS at Eielson AFB, Alaska, completes its conversion to 18 PAAs (Block 30 F-16s), sufficient capability will exist to cover all adversary requirement: at Nellis, as well as to visit every fighter unit in the continental United States, Pacific Air Forces, and US Air Forces in Europe once a year for two weeks (including formal training units at Tyndall AFB, Florida, and Luke AFB, Arizona).
Interpretation of AGRS data requires understanding of some basic concepts of gamma-ray spectrometry and the importance of proper controls on system calibration, data acquisition, data processing, and presentation methods.
AGRS is a remotely sensed geophysical technique providing information about the distribution of K, U, and Th that is directly interpretable in terms of surface geology.
AGRS is a surface technique only; interpretation requires an understanding of the nature of the surficial materials and their relationship to bedrock geology.
Although AGRS measures a physical phenomenon, it is, for geological and exploration purposes, best considered in geochemical terms, i.
The union of edge-accumulative and subtractive graph rewrite systems is called the class of exhaustive graph rewrite systems XGRS = AGRS [union] SGRS.
This can be specified with an AGRS that allocates the objects, one for each partition, and an EARS which transitively links all reachable expressions.
If G [element of] AGRS with one stratum, each round of a fixpoint rule may add one edge to the termination-subgraph.