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While the HMDE represents electrode with easily renewable surface, AgSAEs and BiFE require insertion of some pretreatments and regeneration steps.
The repeatability of measured signal was improved (RS[D.sub.11] = 2.27%) by insertion of the similar regeneration step as in case of AgSAEs ([E.sub.reg] = -1200 mV; [t.sub.reg] = 10 s).
This work was focused not only on the development of voltammetric methods for DAN determination, but also on the comparison of electrochemical properties of AgSAEs and BiFE as the most commonly used replacements for mercury electrodes.
It was proved that both modifications of AgSAEs as well as BiFE can be used for DAN determination and that the application of AdSV improves the reached LODs.
Electrolyte: BRB (pH 6.0 (AgSAEs) and 5.0 (BiFE)); [] = +200 mV, [E.sub.fin] = -1200 mV; v = 50-500 mV [s.sup.-1].