AGSCAustralian Guild of Screen Composers (est. 1981)
AGSCSurveying Ship Coastal (US and Australia)
AGSCAfrican Geosciences Student Conference (Nigeria)
AGSCAzerbaijan Gas Supply Company
AGSCAdaptive Generalized Sidelobe Canceller
AGSCAmerican Grease Stick Company (Muskegon, Michigan)
AGSCAlpine Golf & Sports Club (Thailand)
AGSCAsia Global Sourcing Center, LLC (Maple Grove MN)
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* Almost a quarter of a company's value (24 percent) is estimated to lie in its brand, said AGSC, quoting the "Brand Finance Global 500 Report," published in March 2012.
AGSC is heavily focused on providing prime and subcontract environmental and construction services for utility companies and federal contractors in California, according to Ahtna.
Another recent AGSC project took place in September 2015, when the Ahtna subsidiary performed extensive site remediation services at a former US Navy facility site in California in the San Francisco Bay area.
"That left the AGSC in the position of stripping grades from 45 two-year-old Graded stakes races in the US and the implications of such action would have been disastrous," wrote Richardson, before assuring readers that the committee will work hard to "implement positive change".
The AGSC's approved general education or "core" curriculum consists of 41 semester hours in four areas including 6 hours in written composition (Area I), 12 hours in humanities and the fine arts (Area II) including 3 hours in literature and 3 hours in the arts, 11 hours in the natural sciences and mathematics (Area III) including 3 hours in math and at least 8 hours in the natural sciences, and 12 hours in history, social, and behavior sciences (Area IV) including at least 3 hours in history.
Regional figures estimating the residential population by age and gender for 2004 (at SD and SSD level, 2001 AGSC structures) were provided by the ABS.
El motivo de los autores y de la editora, conjuntamente con el Programa Columbus bajo cuyos auspicios se publica, fue el debatir en los medios academicos el Acuerdo General sobre el Comercio de Servicios (AGSC) y su impacto en la educacion superior, haciendo enfasis en sus posibles efectos en America Latina.
AGSC completed design, construction and integration project task orders for Department of Energy locations in Sri Lanka, Spain and Fort Carson, Colo.