AGSCAustralian Guild of Screen Composers (est. 1981)
AGSCAzerbaijan Gas Supply Company
AGSCAdaptive Generalized Sidelobe Canceller
AGSCAmerican Grease Stick Company (Muskegon, Michigan)
AGSCAlpine Golf & Sports Club (Thailand)
AGSCAsia Global Sourcing Center, LLC (Maple Grove MN)
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Another recent AGSC project took place in September 2015, when the Ahtna subsidiary performed extensive site remediation services at a former US Navy facility site in California in the San Francisco Bay area.
Responding to a proposal made to the AGSC to repackage Area I (renaming it "Written and Oral Communication") to offer a total of 9 hours that focus on both written and oral communication, the AGSC Executive Director stated "while many [AGSC members] agree in principle to the increased need for oral communication throughout the curriculum, they feel there are other factors that prevent them from making it mandatory for all college students" (K.
The guiding principles the AGSC used to develop the general education curriculum for Alabama's public colleges do not include a set of generally accepted student competencies or student learning outcomes that the curriculum is designed to meet.
At the state level, the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education and the AGSC should translate sound principles into best practices and require an oral communication course in the general education curriculum for all two-year and four-year colleges in Alabama.
At the state level, the AGSC lists specific criteria for oral communication courses taught in Alabama's public colleges.
At the state level, the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education and the AGSC have an opportunity to provide leadership by renouncing the academically unsound practice of a course being reduced to a "module" as part of another discipline's course.
AGSC completed design, construction and integration project task orders for Department of Energy locations in Sri Lanka, Spain and Fort Carson, Colo.
The AGSC components are produced in the company's British Casting Center in Leyland, England.