AGSDAssociation for Glycogen Storage Disease
AGSDAufklärungs-Gemeinschaft über Scientology und Dianetik (German)
AGSDAlaska Gateway School District
AGSDAvon Grove School District (West Grove, Pennsylvania)
AGSDAdvanced Ground Segment Design
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The quantitative antimicrobial activities of the unloaded and AgSD loaded films were determined using a viable cell count method.
The presence of AgSD drug which is known as an antibacterial agent in the wound dressing was confirmed via ICP methods.
The effects of the three different PAAc densities grafted onto silicone surface and immobilized with CS and AgSD were quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated on cell adhesion, and are shown in Fig.
6 shows the typical SEM micrographs of the adhered cells on the PAAc-g-PDMS immobilized with CS and AgSD compared with the unmodified silicone.
To monitor the effectiveness of the cumulative antibiotic agent release from the films as wound dressings, antimicrobial activity of CS films and CS loaded with AgSD were quantitatively evaluated.
Introducing antimicrobial agent, AgSD, and hydrogel materials such as alginate and hyaluronic acid decreased mechanical strength.
In release behavior of AgSD, the initial release amounts are similar in all cases.
In case of hyaluronic acid and AgSD impregnated PU foam, the wound size is decreased around 84 % within 1 week after skin defect.
In conclusion, PU foams with hydrogel having good mechanical strength, good swelling ratio, good release behavior of AgSD and good adhesion -disadhesion with wound bed were successfully prepared.