AGSFAmericans for Gun Safety Foundation (Tides Center; San Francisco, CA)
AGSFalt.gothic Special Forces (newsgroup)
AGSFAustrian German Special Forces (gaming clan)
AGSFArtists Guild of San Francisco (est. 1961; San Francisco, CA)
AGSFFellow, American Geriatric Society
AGSFAnnual Government Solutions Forum (formerly E-Gov)
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Grupo AGSF is a pioneering Latin American Private Investment Equity Capital Firm introducing disruptive sustainable manufacturing solar, wind, led technologies, urban development projects, global security services, telecommunications, oil and gas, mining projects, leveraging sovereign fund financing platforms.
The AGSF showed its hand last week with release of a politically motivated "study" attempting to blame the current president's administration for the criminal activity of illegal gun purchases.
The AGSF tallied traces of guns by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and provided a list of those stores that had more than 200 traces.
The report, "Selling Crime," which AGSF says "lifts (a) veil of secrecy," uses data from the ATF to name 120 gun stores in 22 states that AGSF reports sold the most guns that later were used in crime.
The AGSF report also criticized the Bush Administration for now pursuing "high-crime dealers.
realize the difficulties they are likely to encounter when trying to evacuate these residents and thus may be more painstaking in developing their evacuation plans," wrote study author Nicholas Castle, PhD, MHA, AGSF, an associate professor in the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.