AGSOAustralian Geological Survey Organization
AGSOAntwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra (band)
AGSOArt Gallery of the South Okanagan (Canada)
AGSOAutonoom Gemeentebedrijf Stadsvernieuwing Oostende (Dutch: Public Company for Urban Renewal Oostende; est. 2002; Belgium)
AGSOAnthropology Graduate Student Organization (various universities)
AGSOAustralian Geological Survey Office (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
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The earthquake's epicenter was at a latitude of 12 degrees south and a longitude of 166 degrees east, placing it near the Santa Cruz islands, a small string of islands around 600 kilometers east of the capital Honiara, AGSO spokesman Spiro Spiliopoulos said.
He publishes this article with the permission of the Director of AGSO.
lt; < AGSO American Dairy < < ADY American Lorain Corp.
Through the Liverpool Plains Land Management Committee, landholders have lent their support to the AGSO modelling project, which will culminate next year with the release of catchment-scale recommendations for salinity control.
The C3420 supercomputer installed at AGSO is part of the organization's Continental Margins Program and is being used to process seismic data gathered in government funded exploration.
The project aims at providing the hiring company for a period of 60 months for hybrid vehicles and 120 months for non-hybrid vehicles probably 12 new vehicles for various municipal services for AGSO (Department of Water Company).