AGSOAustralian Geological Survey Organization
AGSOAntwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra (band)
AGSOArt Gallery of the South Okanagan (Canada)
AGSOAutonoom Gemeentebedrijf Stadsvernieuwing Oostende (Dutch: Public Company for Urban Renewal Oostende; est. 2002; Belgium)
AGSOAnthropology Graduate Student Organization (various universities)
AGSOAustralian Geological Survey Office (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
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Pero el papel central de la articulacion actual de los campesinos lecheros con el mercado sin duda se debe a la accion de la AGSO, que permitio a estos productores disponer de nueve tanques de enfriamiento de la leche ubicados en igual numero de comunidades para de este modo vincular la produccion campesina con la produccion agroindustrial de las plantas lecheras.
The results are highly significant for both AGSO and the petroleum exploration industry."
One of the more vigorous promotions of the Great Barrier Reef region by AGSO was at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Convention in Salt Lake City in 1998.
An earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale hit a remote area of the Solomon Islands on Thursday, the Australian Geological Survey Organization (AGSO) said.
Geologists from the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO) have found epithermal gold mineralisation in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, in rocks 2.5 billion years old.
A good example of this achievement is a multidisciplinary study on the Liverpool Plains in northern New South Wales involving CSIRO Land and Water, the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO), state agencies, universities, community groups and landholders.
Neville Exon is a Senior Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO, formerly the Bureau of Mineral Resources) who started his career in regional geological mapping of onshore sedimentary basins.
Three years ago, a team of Canberra-based scientists, led by Ray Evans from the Australian Geological Survey Organisation, (AGSO) began narrowing this information gap.
Dickson B L and Scott K M 1997 Interpretation of aerial gamma-ray surveys--adding the geochemical factors AGSO Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics 17:187-200
The seabed south and west of Tasmania was first surveyed in early 1994 by the French research vessel L'Atalante for the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO).
Gunn, P J 1997 Application of aeromagnetic surveys to sedimentary basin studies Australian Geological Society Organisation (AGSO) Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics, Vol 17, No 2, Pp 133-144