AGSTAbove Ground Storage Tank
AGSTAntifaschistische Gruppe Südthüringen (German)
AGSTAssociation of Graduate Students from Taiwan
AGSTAdvanced Gunnery Simulation Training
AGSTAfrican Grand Slam Tungsten (copper bullet formerly made by Speer)
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Should a State of parties arise, founded on geographic boundaries and other Physical & permanent distinctions which happen to coincide with them, what is to controul [sic] those great repulsive Masses from awful shocks agst.
AEGI gaie (7) AEGN gane AEGR rage AEGS sage AEGT gate AEIN aine (6) AEIR aire AEIS saie (6) AEIT itea EENR near AENS sane AENT neat AERS eras AERT rate AEST seat AGIN agin AGIR gair AGIS gais (7) AGIT gait AGNR gran AGNS snag AGNT gnat AGRS rags AGRT grat AGST stag AINR rain AINS sain AINT anti AIRS airs AIRT airt AIST airs ANRS arns ARNT rant ANST tans ARST star EGIN glen EGIR geir (7) EGIS egis EGIT tige EGNR gren (7) EGNS gens EGNT gent ERGS ergs ERGT gret (6) EGST gest EINR rein EINS sine EINT tine EIRS rise EIRT tire EIST site ENRS eros ERNT rent ENST nest ERST rest GINR grin GINS gins GINT ting GIRS rigs GIRT girt GIST gist GNRS GNRT GNST GRST INRS fins INRT trin INST tins IRST stir NRST
could I have another quick look] 11 konnten)Sie vielleicht freundlicherweise mal eben so durchrufen [would you be so kind to give us a quick call] Modal Particle In the following 32 occurrences eben functions as a modal particle: 1 agst, wie das gewesen war, du hattest 2 ich.
Item Jan - Agst Jan - Agst 1998 1997 (1) (2) (3) I.
Both therefore ought to have power, that each may defend itself agst.
Yvette Muir, 1500 Riverside Drive, Agst 1706, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K16 4JH.
72) As James Wilson told the Convention, "It has never been a complaint agst.
George Mason "was agst giving the power of war to the Executive, because not <safely> to be trusted with it.
As one participant noted, Petrikin "sd a great deal agst the excise law & against the Constitution.
P W L D Fr Agst Pts AUSTRALIA 3 3 0 0 165 33 9 FIJI 3 2 1 0 78 61 7 SAMOA 3 1 2 0 59 109 4 TONGA 3 0 3 0 35 134 3