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AGTAAmerican Gem Trade Association
AGTAAustralian Geography Teachers' Association (Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia)
AGTAAirport Ground Transportation Association
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The climbing Agta and Twa were found to have significantly longer muscle fibers.
The AGTA regulations make it clear that a specific decision maker under that Act may not make a decision respecting "any type of health care that is the subject of a treatment decision for an adult who is a formal patient as defined in, or who is subject to, a community treatment order under the Mental Health Act.
The title of the volume, however, is somewhat misleading, as its principal focus is the destruction of the forest in the Philippines, but with consequences phrased as a loss of traditional culture rather than social change; and also because five of the seven papers concern the Agta, and only two describe hunter-gatherers in other areas, namely, the San of Southern Africa (Robert K.
The AGTA Spectrum Awards(TM) competition has, for over 30 years, recognized distinctive jewelry design which incorporates colored gemstones and pearls, along with the Cutting Edge(TM) competition, which highlights extraordinary gemstone cutting and carving.
They correspond in large part to the shares bought in Ciat and Sirem, the acquisition of Zurfluh Feller and the increased stake taken in Agta Record.
Forager resource and land use in the humid tropics: The Agta of Northeastern Luzon, the Philippines, in C.
By proper ethnological subjects, I mean are they fundamentally different from the other hundred or so ethnic groups identified in the Philippines, including other foraging cultures such as the Agta.
Based on his own fieldwork with the Agta, a hunter-gatherer group on the Philippine island of Luzon, and reports from other investigators, Headland concludes that a rain forest would not contain enough wild starch foods, such as yams, to sustain human life.
And in one of Wen's newest roles, celebrity emissary for the 2015 AGTA Spectrum Awards(TM) Collection, she shines a spotlight on fine gemstone jewelry.
AGTA in a statement said that authorities in Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education were responsible for the declining education sector in Balochistan.