AGTDAlberta Gas Transmission Division (Nova Corporation; Canada)
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CONTACT: Bruce Simpson, president, of AGTD, 403-290-7643, or Tom Milne, treasurer, of AGTD, 403-290-7772; or Bill Rowe, investor relations, 403-290-7807, or Jeff Flood, public affairs, 403-290-7657/
Third, AGTD and its customers have a full year of working with our daily gas balancing inventory system.
The AGTD system carries more than 10 percent of the natural gas produced annually in North America, including about 75 percent of marketed Canadian gas production.
Historically, the amount of gas entering the AGTD system tends to be anywhere from 11 percent to 25 percent lower in the summer months than in winter.
AGTD plans to spend an average of $500 million per year on system expansion and upgrades through 1995.
Adopted an interim corporate strategy that AGTD has first call on all capital available for expansion until its needs are fully met;
Massively decentralized and streamlined the corporate structure and management of NOVA to create two largely self-contained business units, AGTD and Novacor Chemicals.
Capital expenditures for AGTD are estimated at $650 million for 1992 and average annual expenditures are expected to be between $500 million and $600 million through 1995.
Simpson, AGTD president and chief operating officer of NOVA Corporation of Alberta, 403-290-7640/ (NVA) CO: NOVA Corporation of Alberta ST: Alberta IN: OIL SU: