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Figure 1 shows the UV-Vis absorption spectra of pure CS and CS : AgTf (0.7: 0.3) samples.
Signing for the African Development Bank, President Akinwumi Adesina noted that the Sharm El-Sheikh Airport Development Project is the first among the series of projects being financed by the African Development Bank using the AGTF resources.
"We are pleased the project also marks the first operation to be approved with a loan from the AGTF, which we hope will help bridge the infrastructure financial gap in Africa as a whole and Egypt in particular," the Vice-President added.
A total of $90m will be financed from the bank's resources, with the second loan, which is worth $50m, is provided by the "Africa Growing Together Fund" (AGTF), a co-financing fund created between the People's Bank of China (PBOC) and the AfDB.
The $97.42 million loan from the AfDB market window and the $44.29 million loan from the Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF)* will support Tanzania Government's efforts to decongest the city of Dar es salaam.
The Bank will provide US$40 million, while its co-financier, the Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF), will contribute US$30 million.
The two loans are worth $140 million - $90 million from the AfDB window and $50 million loan from the Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF).
The program benefits a current global population of 2.5 million that will reach 3.3 million by 2040, said the ONEE in a statement, adding that the first agreement concerns an AfDB loan totaling 79.33 million euros, while the second loan is granted by China's Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF) for an amount of 43.36 million dollars, managed by the AfDB.
In November 2017, the Bank approved an initial US$121 million loan and US$50 million Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF) loan to Rwanda under its Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Program.
The Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF), a US$2 billion facility sponsored by the Peoples Bank of China and administered by the African Development Bank, has also approved a US$ 50 Million Loan to the Federal Government of Nigeria to co-finance the project.
It will be implemented from December 2018 to June 2024, with the Banks co-financing loan of 179.60 million, an Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF) loan of 42 million and the Governments counterpart funding of 32.84 million.
The bank loan guaranteed by South African Government, includes an additional co-financing of US $25m from the Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF).