AGTHEAustralian Guide to Healthy Eating (multicultural nutrition guide)
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Las variables de clima se utilizan para caracterizar la estacionalidad del consumo de agua, la cual podria estar dominada por la variabilidad del consumo discrecional para el mantenimiento de zonas verdes y jardines en verano e invierno (Agthe y Billings, 1987; Gaudin, 2006; Moncur, 1987; Polebitski y Palmer, 2010).
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Agthe and Billings (2000) test the hypothesis that the financial status of an institution's football team affects the ability of the institution to meet gender equity requirements.
Several studies, including Billings and Agthe (1980), Billings (1982), Billings and Day (1983), and Martin et al.
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The concept is also recognised in specific international functions: manufacturing (Agthe 1990), marketing (Kashani 1990), and R & D (Dorrenbacher/Wortman 1991).
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Establishment of a Elektroerhitzeranlage in Fernheizkraftwerk the Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AGThe contract includes the supply, installation and commissioning of two infinitely variable electric hot water generators, each with a rated electrical output of 5.0 MW, including the hot water-side connection piping, electrical wiring with low voltage switchgear, medium-voltage switchgear and 2 x 6.0 MVA transformers and the both necessary structural work in steel and concrete execution.
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Por otra parte, el hecho de que la elasticidad sea menor a 1 implica que el aumento de las tarifas generara mas recaudacion total para el organismo operador de agua (Agthe y Billings 2003).
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