AGTSAssemblies of God Theological Seminary (Springfield, MO)
AGTSAdvanced Gunnery Training System
AGTSArt Goes To School (volunteer organization) (newsgroup)
AGTSAssociation for Gifted and Talented Students
AGTSAbove Ground Transport System
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The AGTS is a simulator designed to train individuals, crews and platoons in the skills of precision gunnery, Imam said.
Lockheed was scheduled to deliver four full-fidelity AGTS systems for light-armored vehicles and 17 deployable systems by December 2005.
OSyS' EHM expertise expands the capability of our Fleet Maintenance Service, enabling us to better deliver services that reduce risk, increase asset availability and improve revenue for our customers," said Robert Bouwens, General Manager of AGTS.
We are pleased to collaborate with AGTS and support them in the continuous development of their fleet maintenance services.
Thirdly, the Army will upgrade the Stryker gun AGTS, scheduled for delivery in August 2006.
Through the AGTS and our SAGE image generation software, they get a training experience that is unmatched - except in real life.
Since Lockheed Martin developed the original AGTS architecture more than 15 years ago, the company has delivered over 200 AGTS systems and upgrades to U.
With AGTS, we developed an agile, affordable solution that offers unique configurations for users to train for their critical missions anytime, anywhere," said Jim Craig, vice president of training systems at Lockheed Martin Global Training and Logistics.
Lockheed Martin originally developed the AGTS architecture more than 15 years ago.
Quantum3D AAlchemy Advanced PC-IGs to Power AGTS Gunnery Trainers Special
Quantum3D AAlchemy systems will replace legacy image generators for the AGTS and SOF C-130 programs based on the system's demonstrated ability to meet the mission-critical requirements of these programs, coupled with the system's low acquisition and maintenance cost that stems from its PC-based architecture.
The AGTS simulator can emulate the operating environment of the Army's M1A2 main battle tank, as well as other tanks, armored gun systems and fighting vehicles, enabling high-fidelity gunnery and tactical training without the costs associated with vehicle operations, ammunition, maintenance and fuel consumption.