AGTSAutomated Guideway Transit System (various locations)
AGTSAssemblies of God Theological Seminary (Springfield, MO)
AGTSAdvanced Gunnery Training System
AGTSArt Goes To School (volunteer organization) (newsgroup)
AGTSAssociation for Gifted and Talented Students
AGTSAbove Ground Transport System
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The Aeroderivative Gas Turbine (AGT) is the first of three dual fuel units that will be delivered as part of the order that also includes two gas-only units.
The Siemens Industrial Trent 60 is the most advanced AGT available today.
* BATS and AGTS access levels should be controlled and assigned by the CAB MG.
The AGTS is a simulator designed to train individuals, crews and platoons in the skills of precision gunnery, Imam said.
Lockheed was scheduled to deliver four full-fidelity AGTS systems for light-armored vehicles and 17 deployable systems by December 2005.
Thirdly, the Army will upgrade the Stryker gun AGTS, scheduled for delivery in August 2006.
for 66 carriages (11 trains) to be used on the Hiroshima New Transit Line 1, also known as the "Astram Line," an Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) system operating in Hiroshima City.
The 3000-hp auxiliary gas turbine (AGT) drives a dedicated 4160-V auxiliary generator.