AGTTAbnormal Glucose Tolerance Test (diabetes)
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Among the four haplotypes, haplotype AGTC was found to be correlated with the highest HHEP at 30 to 66 wks of age and highest EW at 30 and 43 wks (Table 4; p<0.05), followed by haplotype AGTT and AATC associated with the higher HHEP at 43 to 66 wks of age, while with highest EW at 43 wks (p<0.05); and with the lowest levels associated with haplotype AATT (p<0.05).
Furthermore, association analyses on the four haplotypes (AATT, AGTT, AATC, and AGTC) have shown that the ADRA1B and PPARGC1B polymorphisms are significantly associated with egg production traits in Dagu chickens.