AGTVAssociation of German Teachers of Victoria (Australia)
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A statement from the new body, signed by co-founders Messrs Gower, Ibello, Adams, Elliott and Malegori, respectively the principal track vets at Harlow, Portsmouth, Poole, Romford and Swindon, explained: "The AGTV is a small independent, non-political and confidential professional group, focusing purely on track vet issues, to fulfil the 'niche' highlighted in Lord Donoughue's report on the greyhound industry.
A confidential email group has been set up to facilitate the polling of track vet opinion efficiently, with equal track representation, without the need for membership of any other organisation, while a chairman and vice-chairman will be elected shortly by members to represent AGTV views and liaise with the new Greyhound Board of Great Britain and other professional bodies as required.
In addition, AGTV will be implementing a virtual Shopping Cart and access to Digital Books.