AGUAPAAsociación Guatemalteca de Productores de Algodón (Guatemalan Association of Cotton Producers)
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While the men fish or hunt game, wild animals and snakes to eat, the women collect the roots, very abundant in the area, called Aguapas" (the rhizomes or underground shoots of Maranta arundinacea [Marantaceae], the source of the starch known in Venezuela as sulu and in English as arrowroot) similar to the white potatoes that are common in Galicia." The immense plains covered in grass taller than a man were crossed and regularly burned by bands of these and other Indian peoples hunting brocket deer (Mazama), armadillos (Dasypus), tinamous (Tinamus), tortoises and fresh-water turtles, iguanas, and the greatly appreciated giant anteaters (Myrme-cophaga), a favorite dish of the Morcote Indians.