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AGURAgence d'Urbanisme et de Développement de la Région Flandre-Dunkerque (French: Urban Planning and Development Agency of the Flanders-Dunkirk Area)
AGURRevival Union Party (Georgia)
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6/10 Guess: Greek Saint Agur, PS2, Waitrose and nationwide Quite a strong aftertaste on the tongue, too much and you'd not taste anything else.
Pete Agur, president and founder of The VanAllen Group, a corporate aviation consulting company, agrees: "You have to budget more time to travel on airlines," he says.
A 2-mile, 50minute hike on the Don Agur Trail to the 2,772-foot summit and a breathtaking panorama.
It takes place on the River Agur on July 12 with dozens of souped-up tubs, decked in all sorts of colours and themes.
Agur est detenteur de 19 brevets americains pour des inventions dans ce domaine.
See Prisha (199) in the name of the Agur, Taz 199:2; Arukh haShulhan, O.
Zvia Agur, Founder and CSO, has been invited to speak at the "Speed and Safety in Drug Discovery" conference to be held at the Royal Society, London, on November 26, 2008.
What do Neufchatel, Saint Agur and Chaumes have in common?
I'm not a big pud person so I would serve a nice cheese platter with some Saint Agur, a blue stilton and a good, runny brie, which I'd wash down with a good few glasses of LBV Port.
Agur AMR and Dalley AF (2004): Grant's atlas of anatomy (11th ed.