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AGVAutomatic Guided Vehicle
AGVAutomotrice à Grande Vitesse (French high speed train, successor to the TGV)
AgVArbeitsgemeinschaft der Verbraucherverbände (Germany: Working Party of the Consumer Associations)
AGVAutomated/Automatic Guided Vehicle
AGVAnime Grapevine (anime forum site)
AGVAvion a Geometrie Variable (France: Variable Geometry Aircraft)
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When the AGV leaves the last assembly station, it tows the fixture/kit cart to one of two test stands.
The major restraints for this market are designing and compatibility related issues of AGV and high initial investments.
The end-user customer's interests may not align with the AGV vendor's interests.
In the development of ABSFSim, different agent types are defined for a shop floor with AGVS such as part-agent, machine-agent, AGV-agent and so on.
An operator can step on an AGV, allowing it to be run manually when the automation needs to be overridden.
Control of AGV system involves dispatching and routing of multi-AGVs and avoiding collisions and deadlocks along the guidepaths.
Engineering giant Alstom says the train will succeed its 225mph AGV I, which goes into service in France and Italy this year.
The partnership now takes the form of joint-venture marketing firms on both sides of the Strait, but Beijing Enterprises has proposed to expand the scale of cooperation in the Chinese market, for which Chen Jhe-fang, chairman of AGV and president of Nice Group, parent firm of AGV, expressed a receptive stance.
In a network flow model, AGV guide-paths are usually represented with aisle intersections, pick-up and delivery locations as nodes on a graph connected by a set of arcs as shown in figure 1.
System software uses radio frequency communication to directly interact with the AGVs' onboard computers and transceivers to precisely control and track AGV movements.
After winding, AGV outrigger forks fit under the hand trucks and lift the yarn spools slightly off the ground for transporting to the conditioning/drying area.
Equipped with customized fixturing, the unit-load AGV is ideal for use as a movable assembly platform.