AGVSAuto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz (German: Auto Trade Association Switzerland)
AGVSAutomated Guided Vehicle System
AGVSAir-to-Ground Voice Subsystem
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ABSFSim, an agent-based simulator focusing on AGVS, has been developed on the top of JADE framework.
As far as AGVS are concerned, control of AGVS is greatly influenced by the type of layout that is employed on the shop floor.
The AGVS then rapidly matured into a viable, powerful tool for the mechanical, material-handling aspects of factory integration.
Within the past year or so, signs have indicated that American manufacturers are at last becoming aware of the potential benefits of AGVS.
Knott: While the AGVS industry group doesn't have formal sales numbers at this time, anecdotally, our members are seeing 10%+ in year-over-year growth.
A design for a tandem AGVS with multi-load AGVs, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.
At MODEX AGVS industry group spokesperson, Sarah Carlson, reported AGV sales hit $140 million, a 39% increase from 2012.
Merrell noted, "As a member of the MHI AGVS Group, Seegrid is thrilled to see the AGVS industry rapidly growing.
Additionally, Mats Herrstromer, global product manager of AGVS for Dematic, announced that the B56.
Sarah Carlson, AGVS group spokesperson, highlighted the 14 vendors that are now part of MHI's AGV group.
It is clear that based on these numbers that manufacturers of automation solutions, namely AGVs, are seeing a substantial interest in this technology and the many benefits companies can achieve through the use of this technology", stated Dick Ward, MHIA's AGVS Product Section Managing Executive.
PRIMARY FOCUS: As chair of the AGVS industry group, encouraging new members, marketing the industry group and increasing awareness of AGVs in manufacturing and warehouse applications.