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AGWA also offers an “Intro to Grant Proposal Writing” online course, recommended to be taken prior to attending this 4-day in-person grant writing class.
AGWA will serve such needs by interacting with the international maritime organizations to support the local maritime community and increase its capability of providing reliable marine services - through developing local maritime human resources and other essential operational components, such as marine maintenance, engineering and training.
According to an AGWA spokes person, "Guests whom attended this annual conference previously, have found great benefit.
Grant writing is an extremely valuable service IT resellers can offer to their customers," said AGWA Executive Director John Porter, Ph.
On behalf of the TechMed Alliance, Tech Data negotiated discounted grant services from AGWA that include:
Foundation, State And Federal Grant Writing Packages - AGWA will write grants on behalf of resellers' customers tailored to the level of government, agency or foundation issuing the grant
This new partnership project with AGWA aims to boost the wine grape industry s defences against phylloxera by identifying the best disinfestation techniques and developing new management options to prevent its spread into areas of Victoria that remain phylloxera free.
Acting Chief Executive Officer Andreas Clark said the AGWA was committed to developing new tools and approaches to control vineyard pests and this project would help to strengthen quarantine processes to contain phylloxera infestations.