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AGWAAmerican Gold Wing Association (established 1983)
AGWAAutomated Geospatial Watershed Assessment
AGWAAssociation of Ground Water Agencies (Southern CA; est. 1994)
AGWAAgricultural Water for Africa Initiative (Tunisia)
AGWAArgyll Green Woodworkers Association (Argyll, Scotland, UK; est. 1994)
AGWAArkansas Ground Water Association
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O boletse fa go agwa ga mabala a metshameko mo dikgaolong, go tsile go ngoka ditlhabololo tse dingwe go tla mo kgaolong di latela mabala a metshameko.
What Imam Agwa was quoted as saying is the opposite of what I have read in the Koran and other Islamic teachings.
Crafted in Amsterdam from cocoa leaves imported from Bolivia, Agwa de Bolivia is a brightly glowing green liqueur boasting 36 natural herbs and botanicals including ginseng, green tea, lavender and guarana.
The newest modeling program is the Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment tool, known as "AGWA." It fine-tunes watershed delineations by incorporating layers of GIS data, such as soils and land-cover data, into KINEROS2 watershed models.
Dallas, TX, January 17, 2013 --( American Grant Writer's Association (AGWA) is hosting a 4-day Grant Proposal Writing Workshop titled “Grant Program Development and Grant Proposal Writing” in Dallas, TX on April 22-25, 2013.
A Alexandrie, le conseiller Ezzat Agwa a fait un commentaire sur la tendance de la Chambre basse du Parlement a promulguer une nouvelle loi sur le pouvoir judiciaire, tout en soulignant que c'etait la une question relative aux missions du pouvoir legislatif de l'Assemblee du peuple, mais que cette derniere ne pourrait pas a elle seule, sans le Conseil consultatif et la Constituante, decider de cette loi, etant donne que cette derniere est complementaire a la Constitution.
And is it not character (what the Igbo call agwa) that makes an individual either a good or a bad person?
Dental assistants also earn substantially less than female employees, on average, with the award rate for dental assistants in Queensland in 2008-2009 ranging from $17.03 per hour for a level one assistant (entry level) to $20.30 per hour for a level four assistant (the highest grade) (AGWA 2008).
Another Bolivian-inspired drink--one that is understandably rather controversial--recently appearing on the market is Agwa de Bolivia liqueur, produced from Bolivian coca leaves, as well as 32 other herbs and botanicals.
Fashion editors don't have a crystal ball but if history repeats itself electrifying colours could be grabbing the headlines along with the fluorescent green Agwa de Bolivia (pounds 25.43, 70cl,, the only coca liqueur in the world.
His top product is Agwa de Bolivia - a liqueur made from the same base ingredient as cocaine.