AGWNAdditive Gaussian White Noise
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The left bottom figure shows the beat signal contaminated by AGWN in time domain and the right bottom figure shows the same signal in frequency domain after performing 2D-FFT, where three peaks correspond to the three targets.
In practice, there are various methods that can provide estimate for AGWN variance, such as the most popular median absolute deviation (MAD) [3], SVD-based [21], and block-based [22, 23] methods.
The adopted signals in simulations are "blocks," "quadchirp," "multitone," and "multiband" with AGWN. In order to explain the superiority, the proposed methods are also tested by real audio signal.
We test supervised and unsupervised denoising approaches by an AGWN corrupted real audio signal.
Figure 3 shows the normalized channel capacity for Mary QAM system over AGWN channels.
Average gross wages (AGWN) depend positively on the CPI and labor productivity (PROD) and negatively on the unemployment rate (UR).
AGWN = [0.562AGRN.sub.4] + 1.186CP1-3.ll6UR + l.077PROD