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AGXAbridged Generation X (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
AGXAgribrands International, Inc. (stock symbol; St. Louis, MO)
AGXAuto Glass Expo (International Autobody Congress and Exposition)
AGXAlt.Games.Xtrek (newsgroup)
AGXSilver Zeolite Cartridge (photographic and light sensitive coating)
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The vehicle (a Ford Fusion) was fitted with a DRIVE AGX Pegasus that ran DRIVE AV and DRIVE IX software.
Proagrica will continue the development of these SST solutions and particularly of SST's agX Platform, a geospatial farm data platform that transfers data from system to system, so allowing efficient data transfer with benefits of transparency and insight.
Testing was carried out in a Shimadzu AGX 100 universal testing machine equipped with a 100 kN load cell.
Among the action in Fiscal 2017 (as detailed in Beauty Packaging's report on The Top 20 Global Beauty Companies), J&J accessed AGX, and Unilever placed bets on prestige brand Living Proof.
Brzhezinskaya et al., "Structure and electronic properties of AgX (X = Cl, Br, I)-intercalated single-walled carbon nanotubes," Carbon, vol.
dx/dt = X ([U.sub.JL] - X) ([(AG).sup.T] (y - AGx) - [PSI]x), x(0) = [x.sup.0], (9)
In above equation the dependent variables contain NOE: non-oil exports, AGX: the exports of agricultural commodities, MFX: the exports of industrial goods.
Recent reports indicated that epitaxial growth of an AgX (X = Br, I) nanoshell on the surface of [Ag.sub.3]P[O.sub.4] could greatly enhance the chemical stability and activity of [Ag.sub.3]P[O.sub.4] [1517].
Agennix AG (FRANKFURT: AGX) (XETRA: AGX), a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel therapies, has announced today its financial results for the six months ended June 30, 2012.
Egypt's AGX 30 index, measuring the performance of the market's 30 most active stocks, plunged 2 percent on weekly basis, closing at 4,735 points.
Looking at a snapshot of our shareholders and capital, we recovered $3.6 million from China, undertook a reasonably successful rights issue and negotiated the acquisition of AGX - 1009, a drug candidate supported by the Chinese Government's State Special Funds for Important Newly-Developed Drugs.
"It ends up demystifying this equipment, to show that it's not only restricted for military use but also something of daily use," says AGX Tecnologia consultant Jen John Lee in the basement of these homey headquarters.