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During the two-day sitting, where managements of different parastatals were questioned on the implementation of AGPO in their institutions, it emerged that committees had been disregarding tendering laws in relation to disadvantaged groups by allocating them a paltry one per cent against the 30 per cent directive."We are shocked to find out that a number of firms that were awarded the tenders are known to us, and even a search has indicated that directors are senior people in government and prominent business people," said nominated MP David Sankok, one of the committee members.
AGPO facilitates access to government procurement opportunities by youth, women and persons living with a disability.
Speaking during the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (Kepsa) Suppliers Diversity Summit this week, Prof Kobia said measures had been put in place to encourage women, youth and disabled people-owned businesses to trade with the government.In the past four years since AGPO was launched, she said, only 10 percent of the Sh250 billion annual tenders reserved for the marginalised groups were taken up indicating a major lapse in implementation of the policy.
3 billion, Sh2.15 billion would be paid to these agencies and firms, with the remaining Sh2.15 billion used to procure fertilisers from AGPO firms, which is not enough.
class="MsoNormalIt is also time to re-engineer the AGPO portal to facilitate faster online application for certificates and permit verification to ascertain their authenticity.
While the government works to open markets, create local opportunities for economic transformation, including expanding infrastructure, access to government procurement opportunity (Agpo), the people need to increase their contributions by working hard, differently, and being a part of economic transformation in large numbers.
Today there are under 35s in the National Assembly, Senate, County Assemblies and especially within the ranks of the executive branch of county governments.Are these co-opted into elite politics and administration or do they champion the Youth Agenda?The national government has created a policy, legislative and programmatic framework to deal with the youth agenda through the National Youth Service Act, the National Youth Council Act, the National Youth Employment Authority Bill, 2015 (which instead became a 2016 law ushering in the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (Agpo) for youth, women, persons with disabilities and other marginalised groups).
The Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) affirmative action programme that spares 30 per cent procurement opportunities for the less privileged was the source of many inspiring stories.
The report was tracking the implementation of the 30 per cent local access to government procurement opportunities (AGPO) in this period.
EQUALISING EFFECTThe most radical of these policies is the Access to Government Procurement and Opportunities (AGPO) Act which, among other things, requires that 30 per cent of State tenders go to businesses owned by the youth, women and other marginalised groups.
We will work with the national committee formed by the government so that the message of handshake reaches the youths, said Ms Ndegwa during a meeting held in Nairobi on Friday.YOUTH AGENDAThe nominated MCA said the group, consisting of 1, 027 MCAs, will also seek to pass laws that are pro-youth, especially the 30 percent Procurement Bill, AGPO, and the National Employment Authority Bill.
The 40 per cent local content requirement and 30 per cent procurement set aside for women, youth and the disabled (AGPO) are frequently rife with allegations of nepotism and cronyism that dilute the goal and lock out the targeted marginalised populace.Overall, each cycle of breaking news is more disheartening than the last.