AH3Acetyl Hexapeptide-3
AH3American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd Edition
AH3Ashburton Hash House Harrier
AH3Aberdeen Hash House Harriers
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H3N2 is part of the AH3 group of flu viruses, but the PHA said its figures do not breakdown into more specific strains.
In the cortex, AH2A, AH3, and AH4 staining were decreased in a dose-dependent manner with cisplatin in Groups A and B and were almost equal in Group C compared to control.
(2008a) study were of haplotype ch8, which was also observed in ancient individuals from the Pacific and from the pre-Columbian site of El Arenal (ah3); all of which fell into Liu et al.'s (2006) haplogroup E.
These include both specific substance misuse national occupational standards, such as support individuals who are substance users (DANOS AB2) and supply and exchange injecting equipment (DANOS AH3), and generic occupational standards from health and social care and general health, such as promote effective communication for and about individuals (HSC 31) and promote choice, well-being and the protection of all individuals (HSC 34) (FDAP, 2009).
Damisha et al have been reported the efects of chemical pretreatment of some lignocellulosic wastes on the recovery of cellulose from Aspergillus niger AH3 mutants[1].
The damage occurred in the pipeline of the well, AH3, linked up with the
Genotype IA-K02990 (LA), AF35722 (LU38), AB021565 (AH2), AB020564 (AH1), AB020567 (FH1), AB020566 (AH3),AB020568 (FH2),AB020569 (FH3), AF485328 (LY6), AF512536 (DL3), X75215 (GBM/WT), X83302 (FG), AY974170 (M2).
In tissues containing physiological fluids rich in pH buffering ions such as phosphate and hydrogencarbonate, it can be envisioned that these ions increase the rate of sub-micron AH3 precipitation out of this colloidal gel.
AH3: The decision to file a tort claim is based primarily on avarice, possibly encouraged by an attorney, and the injury is fabricated or exaggerated in order to justify the claim.
Bosses confirmed the elderly victims died following an outbreak of AH3 at the home in Fahan, Co Donegal.