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In the present study, the isolate AH4 showed maximal HY of 0.63 mol [H.sub.2]/mol glucose which was higher than other isolates (Table 2).
AH3 and AH4 staining are observed during the onset of neuronal apoptosis in neurodegeneration [38].
The best of the fifteen sets of modeled [beta]-traces (red) are superimposed with the backbone of the [beta]-strands (blue) and the density maps (gray) for [beta]-barrel 1657_4V5H_AH4 (EMD1657, sheet AH4 of protein 4V5H) in (a) and 1780_4V7E_AH4 (EMDJ780, sheet AH4 of protein 4V7E) in (b).
Order of presentation of the stories, emotion-labelling task, video task, and NART and AH4, were counterbalanced across all participants.
The measures of mental ability were the numeric and verbal sections of the AH4 Part I test.
The main finding was that although the correlation between a pencil-and-paper IQ measure (the AH4; Heim & Batts, 1948) and initial performance on the game was only .28, after five days of testing it had increased to .68.
Three intelligence test scores were available; both parts of the AH4 test (Heim, 1970) and the Culture-Fair Intelligence Test (Cattell & Cattell, 1959).
The Alice Heim IV Test Parts I and II (AH4; Heim, 1970) were administered also.
In order to explore the overlap of intellectual working style with general intelligence, trainees in Study 2 also completed the AH4 test, published by NFER-NELSON.
As described in detail by Nettelbeck & Rabbitt (1992), participants had completed AH4 parts (i) and (ii), the combined Mill Hill Vocabulary Scales, and Vocabulary, Picture Completion, Block Design and Picture Arrangement subtests from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales (WAIS).