AH4American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
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We conducted a 2 (age group) X 2 (story type) analysis of covariance with story score as the dependent variable and AH4 performance as a covariate.
physical) analysis of covariance, with story score as the dependent variable and AH4 performance as a covariate.
emotion-labelling) X 2 (age group) X 2 (gender) analysis of covariance, with scores on the AH4 (fluid intelligence) and the NART (crystallized intelligence) as covariates, and percentage correct on the video task and emotion-labelling task as the dependent variable.
Alice Heim and reaction time results for the total sample (N=900) and men (n=413) and women (n=487) separately P for sex diffe- Total sample Men Women rence AH4 Total 26.
Table 2 Correlations between AH4 (Total, Verbal, and Numerical scores) test scores and simple (SRT) and four-choice group (N=900) and for subgroups based on (i) CRT error rates, (ii) sex, (iii) social class (1=professional) (CRT) reaction times' means and standard deviation, errors on CRT, and CRT - SRT difference for the whole 6=nonskilled manual), and (iv) educational attainments.
The AH4 tests had been administered two to three years previously.
05), but when the AH4 part 1 score was entered first, spatial ability test score did contribute significant further predictive power ([[Chi].
In an exploratory analysis, to discover how much cognitive test ability variance could be accounted for when the visual processing tests were combined, two stepwise regression analyses were carried out, using AH4 I and II scores as the dependent variables.
Transformed data from the three cognitive ability tests (NART, AH4 I and AH4 II) and the three visual processing tests (IT, VCD and VMD) were subjected to a confirmatory latent trait analysis using structural equation modelling.
was recorded; and in Study 2, correlations with AH4 were .
at WJ's ISO9000 certified GaAs and thin film facility, the AH4 high dynamic range amplifier is packaged in state-of-the-art Ball Grid Array (BGA) package.
The AH4 extends the linear efficiency advantages (OIP3) of WJ's successful AH1 to higher frequencies.