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AHADAmerican Hindus Against Defamation
AHADAssociation for Haitian American Development, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
AHADArabian Horse Association of Delmarva (est. 1970; Delaware)
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Mr Ahad added: "The meeting was also held because of concerns about a possible backlash.
The strategic Ahad mountains are now under full control of the Syrian army troops.
Ahad, of Crompton Road, Handsworth, admitted six charges of fraud by abuse of position and was sentenced to eight months jail, suspended for two years.
The project comprises of implementing a one-way road on each direction; extending from Avenue 38 at the West at a length of 1400 meters to the East, parallel to Wali Al Ahad Highway.
Coun Ahad, of Newcastle city council, said Newcastle United must respond.
Intelligence sources said the killed terrorist Ahad was the leader of Al Qaeda activity in Karachi and involved in the Safoora attack.
The JKLF Chairman said the anniversary of Dr Abdul Ahad Guru, a blood donation camp will be held at Abiguzar in Srinagar on Monday.
In 2011, the survivers, Abdul Ahad Sheikh, Muhammad Sheikh and Muhammad Lateif Sheikh, filed a petition before the HC for reinvestigation of the case by the CBI and implemenation of 1998 State Human Rights Commission ( SHRC) recommendations in the case.
Apres une premiere intervention de Rachid Lebchir sur la situation organisationnelle de la section et les mesures a entreprendre, ainsi que le programme d'avenir pour relancer et renforcer davantage le Parti dans la region en perspective du renouvellement de ses structures avant la fin de cette annee, la parole a ete donnee a Abdel Ahad Al Fassi, membre du BP du PPS.
About Ahad Mahootchi: a short profile by and about the honoree:
Summary: The story of baby Abdul Ahad is heart-wrenching.
She was a bit scared because of the reputation that the internet has, but she's really pleased that I found Ahad.