AHAGAd Hoc Advisory Group (various organizations)
AHAGAd Hoc Authentication Group
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In that regard, AHAG is in the process of requesting its creditors, and the creditors of Al Gosaibi Trading Services Limited, to appoint respective formal steering committees, which the respective creditors consider as appropriate representation of the lender constituency in terms of both geographic spread and financial interest.
AHAG said its related entities have mobilised all of their collective resources to address the situation expeditiously.
AHAG, Gobierno, Serie Parroquias, Aguascalientes, 1849, Caja 1.
Este ultimo aparece en el mapa de la jurisdiccion de la parroquia de Aguascalientes que se formo en 1730, con motivo de las diligencias tendientes a su particion, AHAG, caja 1, expediente 13.