AHAHAsynchronous Html and Http
AHAHAsychronous HTML and HTTP
AHAHAquatic Hybrid Ape Hypothesis (evolution theory)
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Over two weeks in April 2017 a group of FBB volunteers deployed to join other AHAH volunteers in Houston to help the city recover.
Bernard Voita's "Paysages ahah," 2009-10, arc photographic landscapes the likes of which you've never before seen.
Hesse; THE PROPHECY OF ZEPHYRUS; AHAH Press books (Science Fiction / Fantasy) $8.99 ISBN: 9780982469309
This dice pit was our Pequod, we were both Captain Ahah, and that 32-to-1 bet was our white whale.
Among the movies to be screened are Ahah (Bangladesh), Rang De Basanti (India), Caravan (Nepal), Khuda Kay Liye (Pakistan), Samanala Thatu and Nisalagira (Sri Lanka).
Then we spend the rest of our lives remembering what the angel showed us, so when we are 93 we can say: "Ahah, so that's the meaning of life!"
(46) J: ahah, (0.5) mina utlesin talle kohe ara, et kui minulekallale tuli, (0.5) kule kas sa oleksid nii kena ja kas sa ei esineks nagu meie kooli eest, ma utsin=et ei toesti, mina ei esine 'uh uh, I told him right away when he attacked me, listen, would you be so kind and would you perform as if on behalf of our school, I said that really, I'm not going to perform'