AHAIAmateur Hockey Association of Illinois (est. 1975)
AHAIAssociation of the Hungarian Automotive Industry
AHAIAl-Harakat Al-Islamiyya (organization)
AHAIAdjuvant Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy (cancer treatment)
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References in classic literature ?
'Ahai! I am only a beggar's brat, as the Eye of Beauty has said,' he wailed in extravagant terror.
"Ahai! The world is iron in these days," wailed the Jackal.
But Jon is not the only person who can fulfill the prophecy because Daenerys also shows signs of being the Azor Ahai.Both of them come from the blood of the Dragon.
In an article published in November 2009, by the magazine Internazionale, the Somali-Italian writer Cristina Ah Farah mentioned Geedi Yusuf Kuule, a young Somali migrant who was a student at Asinitas, an independent, movement-oriented school of Italian for foreigners, and had written a song entitled 'Istaranyieri baan ahai,' (I am a foreigner) (Ah Farah, 2009).
Wasim had the face of a young child and the entire time he sat detached from what was taking place, as though it had nothing to do with him and his fate, and when judge Sharon Rivlin Ahai reported that the plea bargain that was being settled between both sides would include a fine of 3000 Shekels, the child's father rose and shouted that he hadn't the means to pay such a sum.
Yet the shaojian's title taishi (grand preceptor) appears as designating the basqaq, or the greatest shihna of Mongol Bukhara, the (eastern) Khitan Yelu Ahai and his son Yelu Miansige, in the first half of the thirteenth century.
37:15) which could mean either "What are you looking for?" or "What do you wish?" Joseph answers portentously et ahai ani mevakesh--I seek my brothers (Gen.
The study was conducted in six neighbouring communities, in the Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, namely Oduoha, Rumuoro, Ahai, Rumuada, Okporoworo and Rumuakani.
Ahai (1975) claims that the author of these lines knew that his wife could not be considered beautiful, so that he avoided giving her any false compliments.
Our partners in Altai will need more support than ever if they are to bring to justice the many helicopter hunters circling wildlife every month in Ahai.
Can you trace the Ahai Scarp (L7), which stands out to Nectaris's southwest, around to the east side of the basin?