AHARAAs High As Reasonably Achievable
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And instead of our hoping to be redeemed in the near future through the merit of tzedakah, we grant the sitra ahara (the devil) an opportunity to denounce us.
Sahara chairman Roy gets four weeks' parole for attending mother's funeral S AHARA chairman Subrata Roy finally stepped out of Tihar Jail after almost two years on Friday night as the Supreme Court ( SC) directed his release on parole for four weeks so that he could attend funeral of his mother Chhabi Roy, 95, who passed away in Lucknow after prolonged illness.
It was a belief they shared, and a model they wanted for their children, 9-year-old Maya Ahara and 7-year-old Deo Sung.
In each such sequence, one item acts as a "nutriment" (ahara) to the next and, "when complete," it "completes" (paripureti) the next: just as water flowing down a mountain first fills up the cracks, then the small pools, then large pools, then small rivers, then large rivers, then the ocean.
The next day Uddalaka instructs him to take (ahara) some of the salt, but Svetaketu could not feel it, "since it was dissolved" (yatha vilinam eva).
Before she goes to bed with her husband after returning from the mikvah, her prayers include the wish that no force from the "Other Side," the Sitra Ahara (the domain of evil in Kabbalistic writings), should overpower her.(34) Included in the Italian manuscript are texts of various incantations aimed at warding off the Evil Eye and at coaxing the baby out, but Cardin does not translate them.
"I work very hard and have fun at the same time, and it was great to feel free," 8-year-old Maya Ahara told the board.
In fact, Yaska cites a sentence very much like this: kulmasans cid ahara "Bring even the sour gruel," which he characterizes as showing a pejorative value (avakutsite) for cir.