AHARSAttitude Heading and Reference System
AHARSAirborne Heading-Attitude Reference System
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By connecting to the Flight Stream model 210 via the ForeFlight Connect wireless interface, the app receives GPS and AHARS data for driving the app's synthetic vision function (the Flight Stream 110 won't work--it doesn't have AHARS).
The Garmin GAD 43 is a remote box that converts AHARS digital pitch, roll, heading and yaw rate data into analog signals used by attitude-based autopilots, to include the popular King KFC200/150 series and some ARC/Sperry autopilots.
Like the Garmin GAD43, the EA100 remote unit receives pitch and roll reference from the Aspen 1000 AHARS and sends the data to the autopilot computer, just as the old spinning gyro did.