AHATAkele Hum Akele Tum (Hindi movie)
AHATAll Hip-Hop All the Time (video on demand)
AHATAllied Health Aptitude Test
AHATAIDS Housing Association of Tacoma (Tacoma, WA)
AHATAdvanced Hardened Avionics Technology
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Ahat, "Geometric programming problem with single-term exponents subject to max-product fuzzy relational equations," Mathematical and Computer Modelling, vol.
The analysis tool we propose, AHAT, is based on JHAT, which is used in PC environment.
The APN SPG is actively looking at the APN issues, and a new group has been formed, AHAT (APRN Healthcare Access Team).
Brenner's affinity for Tolstoy is implicit in his early belletristic works: In the Winter (Ba-Horef 1903), Around the Point (Mesaviv Lenekuda 1904), and One Year (Shana Ahat 1909), which by and large reflect his personal experiences.
Ahat Andican, Cedidizm'den Bagimsizliga Haricte Turkistan Mucadelesi, (Istanbul: Emre Yayinlari, 2003), p.
A series of musical events, including a concert of Bulgarian rock band Ahat, have been scheduled for the 17:00-22:00 time slot at the Alexander Batenberg square.
The song Suno Zara Khushi Ki Ahat in the Touch condom ad by Greenstar was so captivating that the audience remembered it for quite some time after the campaign was discontinued.
The audience gave the Ahat Band, which consists of three young rappers Ali Zubaydi, Yaser Hadad and Tareq Badawi, the most enthusiastic response.
Shmuel amar shuhda dedayanei, lishnei shetarot sheyatsu al sadeh ahat, ei-zeh meihen sheyirtsu beit din lehahlit mahlitin ...
Ahat trick from AdamRyder, supported by tries for TomSharrock and Gavin Stead, saw YM put Ripon to the sword.
The ancient city of Akmonia which is situated in the Ahat village of the Banaz district which is 30 minutes away from Usak is among the historical sites worth visiting.
I dont thonk though ahat she was proud of him when she become the wife of a Prime Minister.