AHAUAnhui Agricultural University (China)
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'Na e hoa ma e nga Iwi Maori e noho nei i Aotearoa me te Waipounamu, He aumihi tonu kei roto i ahau mo koutou kei whakaaro mai ra, to tatou hoa te Kawanatanga, e korero atu ana ahau kia ia, kaore.
Kinich Ahau was the god of the sun who brought warmth and light to the people.
The more recent 'Kapa o Pango': Kapa o Pango kia whakawhenua au i ahau! Hi aue, hi!
A humorous note is added with a rear picture of the svelte and stylish Elizabeth walking with a rotund King Taufa' ahau Tupon IV of Tonga - a Royal family she held in high regard ever since the King's mother rode in an open topped carriage to her father's coronation to delight the crowds, ignoring the torrential rain.
The narration alternates between Bernard's wry, contemporary voice and the more traditional voice he adopts when telling the old stories ("Ahau! said the old men.
Or by the Maya ahau? But we are content to live with the English word for both, despite the enormous cultural differences that are encoded in melek and ahau.
Altun Ha became famous when professor David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum discovered the nine-and-a-half-pound jade head of the sun god Kinich Ahau.
Among these aspects mentioned in the Songs are Hunabku (One Being God), Kinich Ahau (Father Sun), Cit Bolon Tun (Deity of Medicine) and Kukulcan (Feathered Serpent).