AHAWAnimal Health and Welfare (European Food Safety Agency)
AHAWAlways Have Always Will
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The Chilam Balam of Tizimin contains even more suggestive language, concerning the Katun 4 Ahau date given for the arrival of Kukulkan in the Yucatan: (47) '4 Ahaw is the eleventh part of the katun as it is counted.
Stela 1 from the Motul de San Jose site contains the glyphic description 'k'uhul itza ahaw' as description of the ruler Hun Tzak Tok'.
(62) The term was used as part of the city emblem glyphs of the Classic period cities, generally referring to the ruler (ahaw) of a city as a representation of the city itself.
(18.) EFSA AHAW Panel (EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare.
I have studied those passages in early Christian literature where, in theological discourse, [delta][iota][alpha][delta][eta][kappa][eta] is understood to mean `last Will and Testament' in my book Erbin Kirche: Die Auslegung von Psalm 5,1 in den Psalmenhomilien des Asterius und in der Alten Kirche, Heidelberg 1990 (AHAW.PH 1990/2), pp.
Scientific opinion concerning the welfare of animals during transport EFSA panel on animal health and welfare (AHAW).