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AHBAdvanced High-performance Bus
AHBAssault Helicopter Battalion
AHBAir Historical Branch
AHBAutomatic Half Barrier
AHBAttack Helicopter Battalion
AHBAssociation Hospitalière de Bretagne (French: Hospital Association of Britain)
AHBAssociation Hellénique de Bretagne (French: Hellenic Association of Britain)
AHBAussie Home Brewers
AHBArize Habitat Bois (French wood house construction company)
AHBA Hundred Birds (song)
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Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced availability of verification IP (VIP) for the ARM AMBA 5 AHB on-chip interconnection specification.
Honey bee specimens were collected from Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah as part of other studies on genetic variation of feral EHB and AHB populations (Szalanski & McKern 2007; Szalanski & Magnus 2010) and for this study (Table 1, Fig.
However, if there are any shortfalls, then AHB may pay further amounts to remedy such shortfall.
The originator backing is based on: i) Al Hilal's payment and performance obligations under the Sukuk transaction documents ranking pari passu with the bank's other future or present senior unsecured obligations; ii) Al Hilal's irrevocable undertaking to purchase the relevant Sukuk assets from AHB on the scheduled or any earlier dissolution dates; and iii) should the returns generated from the Sukuk assets exceed periodic distribution payments due, the excess amount will be credited accordingly to reserve accounts.
Present at the press conference were Chairman of AHB Group Ahmed Hassan Bilal, General Manager of AHB Group Ifteqar Ahmed, Executive Director of the Art of Business Moona Masri- Whitice, Events Manager of AHB Priyanka Kafur, General Manager & Producer of Stomp Glynis Hall, Director of Strategic Cultural Relations for Qatar Museums Authority Miguel Blanco Carrasco and Grand Hyatt General Manager Christoph K Franzen.
This AHB volume should be read as a corrective to David Omissi's Air Power and Colonial Control: The Royal Air Force, 1919-1939 that was published in 1990.
The FPGA interface on Atmel's CAP7E provides the FPGA with two AHB masters, four AHB slaves, a special direct AHB slave interface to an external RAM through the FPGA, and a programmable ROM that remaps the external RAM to emulate and debug the ROM code.
She takes EHB workers just as they emerge from the pupae, marks them, and places them in AHB hives and vice versa.
0 AHB protocol, while providing multiple configuration options to enable designers to select an optimal solution for their specific applications.
Knowing the intricacies and needs of a foundry sent AHB looking to a metalcaster to design a coldbox coremaking machine that would be versatile enough and easy enough to use in almost any operation.
The StorSelect DS core is designed to interface to the host processor either through the CoreFrame PalmBus interface or AHB slave interface for PIO access to external devices and access to internal registers.
ARM (NASDAQ:ARMHY), Cambridge, England, a provider of 16/32- bit embedded RISC processor solutions, has announced the availability for download of the AMBA(TM) AHB Cycle-Level Modeling Specification.