AHBAIAmerican Health and Beauty Aids Institute
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By all accounts, this conference was a huge success," AHBAI chairman and Summit Laboratories Inc.
Earlier this year AHBAI held its 2005 Proud Lady Beauty Show, which it bills as "the nation's leading educational event in the beauty industry.
The two announced the Arganics[TM] line during the AHBAI Mid-Year Conference in Las Vegas.
The AHBAI symbol appears on all product packages that are presented during the trade show, which attracts thousands of industry professionals.
You can obtain a copy by contacting AHBAI at 312-644-6610.
Through AHBAI's efforts, more and more professionals are reaching for AHBAI member products that carry the internationally recognized Proud Lady symbol," says Geri Duncan Jones, the organization's executive director.
That's why the black manufacturers and AHBAI are resorting to their 1980s strategy.
Each speaker provides a wealth of information and data to help attendees enhance their profitability in the ethnic HBC category," commented AHBAI executive director Geri Duncan Jones.
While demand may be strong, getting supply into the hands of consumers is a challenge, says AHBAI Executive Director Geri Duncan Jones.
The AHBAI Proud Lady Beauty Show will also feature styling competitions and an exhibit floor.
Under her leadership, AHBAI, the force of black haircare and cosmetics manufacturers has realized the most fiscally sound years of its 13-year existence.
The AHBAI Industry Award recipients included Walgreen Co.