AHBAIAmerican Health and Beauty Aids Institute
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Over the past eleven years, Eckerd Corporation and AHBAI have donated over $600,000 to the UNCF.
Wayne Harris, Eckerd Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We are pleased to partner with AHBAI for the eleventh year in support of the United Negro College Fund.
Geri Duncan Jones, Executive Director of AHBAI, stated, "Education is extremely important to the entire country.
The two announced the Arganics[TM] line during the AHBAI Mid-Year Conference in Las Vegas.
Eckerd and AHBAI have consistently been involved in the African-American community," said Geri Duncan Jones, Executive Director of AHBAI.
Accepting the award for Eckerd was Senior Vice President, Ed Kelly, who said, "Eckerd has enjoyed a long relationship with AHBAI and its member product companies.
You can obtain a copy by contacting AHBAI at 312-644-6610.
That's why the black manufacturers and AHBAI are resorting to their 1980s strategy.
Even with this attitude out there, the best defense AHBAI has to offer is a grassroots "buy black" campaign.
Education is the foundation on which our future leaders are built," said Geri Duncan Jones, executive director, AHBAI.
Chemical products and hair color will continue to grow," commented Geri Duncan Jones, executive director, AHBAI.
Pictured (l-r): Geri Duncan Jones, director of AHBAI, and Patti Carroll, category manager for health and beauty aids at Eckerd Corp.