AHBCAustralian Hair and Beauty College
AHBCApparent Horizon Boundary Condition (mathematics)
AHBCArmentières Handball Club (Armentières, France)
AHBCArrow Heights Baptist Church (Broken Arrow, OK)
AHBCAutomatic Half Barrier Crossing (rail traffic; UK)
AHBCAshmont Hill Bridge Club
AHBCAmsterdamse Hockey en Bandy Club
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The plasmid pET22bahbABCD was modified with the QuikChange Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit (Stratagene) to insert a stop codon (underlined) either in ahbD by using the primers nirJLStop (CTG AAT TGT GTT CAT [TGA.bar] CGT GGT GCA AGC ACC AG) and nirJ1_Stop_antisense (CTG GT GCT TGC ACC ACG [TCA.bar] ATG AAC ACA ATT CAG) to generate pET22bahbABCDt78a (producing AhbABC) or in ahbC to generate pET22bahbAB[C.sub.a76t]D (producing AhbABD) by using the primers nirJ2_Stop (GGT CGT GAT AGC AAA [TAA.bar] CTG CCG AGC CAT CTG) and nirJ2_Stop_antisense (CAG ATG GCT CGG CAG TTATTT GCT ATC ACG ACC) for blocking the expression of the respective gene.
AhbC from Methanosarcina barkeri Catalyzes the Formation of Iron-Coproporphyrin III.
coli cells in the presence of recombinant CysG, AhbAB, and either both AhbC and AhbD or AhbC alone.