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AHCAAmerican Health Care Association
AHCAAffordable Healthcare Act
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AHCAAustin Healey Club of America
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AHCAAlma Heights Christian Academy (Pacifica, CA)
AHCAAfghan Hound Club of America, Inc.
AHCAAustin History Center Association
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AHCAAdditional Housing Cost Allowance
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The CBO predicted 57 million people would have Medicaid and CHIP coverage in 2026 under AHCA rules.
The study also showed seven out of 10 independents opposed the AHCA along with 94 percent Democrats.
Here's a look at the primary provisions of the AHCA and how they may impact women's health.
In order to pass a version of the AHCA with a simple majority, Republican Senators will have to hue to strict budget reconciliation rules.
In addition, the AHCA would rescind the essential health benefit requirement for Medicaid expansion programs, meaning that patients in expansion plans would not be entitled to coverage for all 10 categories.
While the AHCA would keep in place the prohibition against denying coverage due to preexisting conditions, states could apply for waivers that will let insurance carriers charge more to new policyholders with existing medical conditions if the state participates in a high-risk pool.
Todays discussion featured several people from across rural Maine who each expressed their concern that the AHCA will make their health insurance unaffordable and, therefore, unattainable.
Perhaps the best thing to say about AHCA is that it has the right enemies: the AMA, big hospitals, and some big insurers (who all favor ACA).
Many members of The Freedom Caucus, a group for about 30 to 40 lawmakers who strongly support efforts to free markets from government interference, appear to oppose AHCA.
However, the newly unveiled AHCA places numerous crucial Hyde-like restrictions on new government health care spending.
AHCA is telling me part of the contract between ALF and the new provider is that ALF cannot charge me the difference that is lost from the previous contract.
To ensure that participants will have plans from which to choose in each region, AHCA will be required to procure a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 health plans for the Medicaid-managed medical assistance program.