AHCDAdvance Health Care Directive (health decision documentation)
AHCDAmbulatory Health Care Data (US CDC)
AHCDAmerican Heritage College Dictionary
AHCDAfghan Hound Club of Dallas (Texas)
AHCDAnterior Horn Cell Disease (neurology)
AHCDAlpha-Heavy Chain Disease
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29) Me baso en la correspondencia de Acevedo, del ayuntamiento y de la diputacion que se localiza en AGN, Ayuntamientos, 206, oficio numero 1 y en AHCD, Espana, Seccion General, leg.
Health-care professionals must retain a copy of an AHCD in the patient's file if one is supplied;
Health-care professionals do not need to carry out a decision in an AHCD or a direction from a proxy if it is unethical or unconscionable;
Health-care professionals are not responsible for failing to abide by an AHCD if they acted in good faith relating to the AHCD or if they did not know of the existence of the AHCD.
Nurses "specifically and repeatedly" addressed the need for more AHCD education.
In response, the hospital developed an AHCD inservice education program, specifically addressing the knowledge gaps uncovered by the survey and tailored to the needs of adult learners.
The hospital also saw vital changes in several areas related to AHCDs, including increased awareness of the problem by hospital leadership and the desire obtain further AHCD education by nurses.
Research shows that, while most adults want their wishes for end-of-life care response, only about one-third have completed AHCDs.
AHCD has a diacritical pronunciation system of the sort familiar to users of American dictionaries.
AHCD too has more than minimal biographical information, although not as ample.
OACD includes notes at the taboo terms nigger and fuck, where AHCD simply has appropriate labels.
With 1,672 pages of A-Z text for OACD and 1,597 (on lightweight paper) for AHCD, the former comes in as a thicker, heavier book.