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AHCPRAgency for Health Care Policy and Research (now Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, AHRQ)
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Also during this middle phase, AHCPR reached another significant milestone in training program efforts: its share of NRSA funds increased substantially from 0.
In 1997, AHCPR and NCPIE co-sponsored the publication of a consumer guide, Prescription Medicines and You, to help consumers understand how to avoid errors in taking medicines.
The inadequacies of state-of-the-art detection programs, as described by HHS and AHCPR, suggest that the mere existence of substandard care is not enough to impute constructive knowledge under the false claims laws.
On issues ranging from acupuncture to spinal manual therapy, AHCPR, FDA, and the NIH have all shown that they will ultimately respond to scientific evidence.
Employees of Vector Research and AHCPR were also issued cards so that they could enter the building.
The World Health Organization has previously said that the mainstay of cancer pain relief should be opioids (narcotics)," says AHCPR panel member Dr.
At the same time, it will be a challenge for AHCPR to maintain effective focus on clinically oriented "outcomes" research as well as policy-related research.
LIS researchers must be persuaded and encouraged to participate and present findings at SCAMC and at other international meetings, to publish their work in the medical informatics journals, and to seek funding from agencies such as the NLM and the AHCPR.
In 1990, she joined what was then called the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, or AHCPR.