AHCSAnother Halo Comic Strip
AHCSAustralian Home Care Services Pty. Ltd. (Victoria, Australia)
AHCSAdams-Hanover Counseling Services (Hanover, PA)
AHCSAchievement House Charter School (Bryn Marw, Pennsylvania)
AHCSAdaptive Hierarchical Coding Scheme
AHCSAir Hub Control System
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The Health Promoter told teenagers that there are several family planning methods that are good for those who cannot abstain from pre-marital sex, and advised them to visit the AHCs to access them.
In this period the Aman ambulances will continue to be fully operated by AHCS as at present.
While AHCs aren't completely homogenous, nurses make up the majority of the clinical workforce.
Herein, we aimed to report our clinical management approach to a recurrent case of AHC that was previously misdiagnosed as a hepatic hydatid cyst by radiological studies.
The primary objective of this retrospective review was to assess the number of clinical encounters per month in individual AHCs comparing 3 telehealth presenter categories.
As shown in Figure 4, the yields of group components from RPNC increase in the order ethers < phenols < alkanes < OSs < ketones < AHCs, while the order of RPC is alkanes < ethers < ketones < phenols < OSs < AHCs.
The 7-item AHCS reflects the degree to which people view animals and humans on the same continuum versus in a dichotomous manner.
Dr Saadia Quraishy, AHCS CEO in a statement on Monday said, Karachi the most populous city of the country has been identified as an area with largely under-served population as compared to other regions.
AHCs are cystic lesions that arise from the apocrine secretory coil while eccrine -HCs represent retention cysts of the eccrine duct.
The Animal-Human Continuity Scale (AHCS) is a 12-item scale that was constructed to measure the extent to which the respondent views humans and animals in a dichotomous fashion versus as a continuum (Templer et al., 2006).
The new AHCs have been supplied with the latest medical equipments."
Two analyses (8,9) have examined single pathology subspecialty needs, and two (10,11) have focused in depth on academic health centers (AHCs) (see Table 1 for a complete list of acronyms).