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AHDLAltera Hardware Description Language
AHDLAnimal Health Diagnostic Laboratory (various locations)
AHDLAnalog Hardware Descriptive Language
AHDLAlveolar Hydatid Disease of the Liver
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The PCR products of IL16 rsl 1556218 T/G and IL16 rs4778889 T/C were digested with restriction enzymes Ndel and Ahdl at 37[degrees]C overnight, respectively.
aussi ID., <<A Commentary on Boethius' De Trinitate by Thierry of Chartres (Anonymus Berolinensis)>>, AHDL 23, 1956, 292 (et n.
AHDL: Archivo Historico Diocesano de Leon (Nicaragua).
Custom blocks are implemented using proprietary programming languages (Verilog-A (AHDL)); postprocessing uses OCEAN.