AHDRArab Human Development Report (United Nations Development Programme)
AHDRAttack, Hold, Decay, Release (musical equipment feature)
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Loizos Loukaides, also from AHDR spoke about their Imagine project, which travels to all areas in Cyprus and trains students in peace education, bringing them together and engaging them in teambuilding activities.
Around the time of the first AHDR, the Arab world had reasons for optimism.
The second variable consists of the findings in the groundbreaking Arab Human Development Report 2002: Creating Opportunities for Future Generations, (AHDR 2002) which presents three key challenges for the Middle East region:
In terms of Arctic governance, the AHDR identified the importance of property rights and the allocation of power to local governments as two critical components necessary to ensure the sustainability of culture and environment in the Arctic.
"The challenge of attacking unemployment and poverty by creating productive and gainful jobs for today's openly unemployed plus those newly entering the labour force is enormous, but it is also critical for Arab countries (especially in environments where formal safety nets are ineffective)--and it must be addressed now because otherwise, the problem will only worsen," the 2002 AHDR notably predicted.
In 2002, AHDR identified the acquisition of knowledge, political freedoms and women's empowerment as "critical development deficits in the Arab world".
Tamari's chapter unearths another dubious narrative that undergirds the AHDR report-and, I would add, has become an internalized discourse for many Arab students-that of a post-classical decline in the domains of Arabo-Islamic cultural and scientific production.
Why didn't the Arab League hold an emergency summit following the release of the first or even the last AHDR report?
The United Nations Development Program issued a series of Arab Human Development Reports beginning with the highly publicized and much discussed 2002 report (AHDR 2002) that identified three main deficits in the areas of freedom, education and women's empowerment as major obstacles to human development.