AHDRAAll Harley Drag Racing Association
AHDRAArabian Horse Distance Riding Association
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Patterson will be racing at the following venues in 2003 and 2004: - Norwalk Bracket Finals -- Oct 3-5 - Remaining events in October and November at Pittsburgh Raceway Park - All Harley Street Bike Nationals at Thompson and Quaker City in 2004 - Racing at Pittsburgh Raceway Park for 2004 Points competition - AHDRA events in Norwalk and MIR in 2004
DiTullo has been designing and fabricating drag race winning motorcycles since the 70's, with numerous Top Fuel, Pro Stock and AHDRA wins to his name.
Proffitt's father, Riley, felt he spoke for all parents of young racers, "I'm angered that NHRA, IHRA, and AHDRA apparently knew the rules, ignored the rules, and led us to the illusion that our children were competing in a bona fide sports arena.