AHEIAlternate Healthy Eating Index (diet screening tool)
AHEIAcute Hemorrhagic Edema of Infancy (dermatology)
AHEIAssociation of Hospitals of Eastern India (Kolkata, India)
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2016), including age, states of residence, breastfeeding history, baseline body mass index (BMI), and overall diet quality measured by AHEI, by calculating least-square means of PFAS concentrations by categories of the determinants using a generalized linear regression model.
We describe a case of an 8-month-old female who presented with progressive purpura in a nondependent distribution, low-grade fevers, and extremity swelling and who was ultimately diagnosed with AHEI. To our knowledge, this is the first case of AHEI associated with coronavirus NL63 and one of the first to demonstrate recurrence.
There were 14.4 deaths per 1,000 persons per year in the top quintile in terms of adherence to the AHEI. A dose-response relationship was evident: Mortality was 28.8/1,000 persons per year among those in the bottom quintile, 23.1 / 1,000 in the second quintile, 19.3 in the third, and 20.7 in the fourth.
The AHEI, updated in 2010, awards points for increased consumption of whole grains, nuts, legumes, vegetables, fruits, fish or fish oil, and moderate alcohol intake.
The study found that participants with low adherence to the AHEI increased their risk of cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular death.
Investigators analyzed findings from the British Whitehall II cohort study, which suggest that following the AHEI can double the odds of reversing metabolic syndrome, a condition known to be a strong predictor of heart disease and mortality.
They examined changes in AHEI scores for a $1 shift in spending on various food groups, and found that greater spending on nuts, soy, beans and whole grains yielded a higher AHEI score, while greater spending on red and processed meats, and high-fat dairy products resulted in a lower AHEI.
While it seems obvious that eating healthfully would make you healthier, the findings are important because they show it's a person's dietary pattern, not just individual components of their diet, that matters, In the study, researchers looked at whether adhering closely to the Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI) could help reverse metabolic syndrome (MetS) and found that, after five years, nearly half of the study participants no longer had MetS.
While few studies have evaluated the cost of a diet that may prevent cardiovascular disease, high scores on the Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI) have been associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease.
Abstract Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy (AHEI) is a rare skin disorder introduced for the first time by Snow (1913).
Time-varying factors included parity and age (years) at first birth [nulliparous/1-2 children (before 25/25-29/[greater than or equal to]30)/3-4 children (before 25/25-29/[greater than or equal to]30)/5-8 children (before 25/[greater than or equal to]25], BMI (kilograms per meter squared; based on self-reported weight at each questionnaire and height at baseline), menopausal status (yes/no), oral contraceptive use (yes/ no), mammography screening (yes/no), smoking status (current/ past/never), marital status (married/nonmarried), living alone (yes/ no), night-shiftwork (never/ever performing shift work after 1989), alternative healthy eating index (AHEI) (continuous) (Chiuve et al.
Now, a new study using data collected from 93,676 healthy women, ages 50-70, from the Women's Health Initiative-OS (observational study) reconfirms the benefits of the following two sets of guidelines: the Dietary Modification Index (DMI), a component of the Women's Health Initiative, which recommends a diet low in total, saturated and trans fats, and the Alternate Healthy Eating Index (AHEI), developed by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.