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Dewar aher is "a reprehensible thing whose name one does not wish to mention, [like] debauchery, leprosy, pork, etc.
In the case of Judgethemoment, it was clear to the panel that the inside information consisted of an indication that Aher n wo uld r ide to lose.
94) Warburg explains that each of these claims is unrelated to divorce and therefore a halakhically legitimate demand based on the notion of kefiyyah ledavar aher (unrelated duress); that is, in many instances, upon receiving the get the ex-wife does not desire to remarry.
Ekonomik sikintilarla bogustugu anlasilan bu baba "benim fakrim vardir maisetine kadir degilun eger feragat iderse aher kimesne ister virurin" diyecektir (YSS 2: 84-2).
Fred Finney, Glasgow AHer hits album The Immaculate Collection in 1990 has sold 30 million copies.
Loehe reflected that insight with this statement: "Sie [die Reformation] ist vollendet in der Lehre, sie ist aher unvollendet in den Folgen der Lehre.
In June, Gardner golfer John Aher turned 90 and continued playing his daily rounds at Gardner Municipal Golf Course, something he's done since returning from the Pacific in World War II.
A stunning Bollywood-style dance number was performed by Abhina Aher, the Programme Manager of Pehchan.
also Voru South Estonian jahhe, aher, vaher, Finnish vaahtera 'maple', Erzya Mordvin ukstor 'maple'.
Ein makom aher (No Other Place: On Literature and Society).
Gal Aher Basiporet Haivirit: Siporet Ivrit Postmodernistit (Another wave in Hebrew Literature: Postmodern Hebrew fiction).
Eddie Aher n, Benwilt Breeze's rider, thought he'd hung on long enough and punched the air in celebration, but Spencer had timed his run to perfection.