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George Omondi, a rice farmer in Ahero Irrigation Scheme, says the machines have lowered the cost of tilling land, but farmers are grappling with frequent breakdowns due to poor management.
The improvement works, which are to be undertaken from 2016-2019, are expected to reduce to half the travel time and transport costs between the town of Isebania, on the Tanzanian border, and the town of Ahero. The Isebania-Kisii-Ahero Road forms part of the Sirari Corridor, a major trade and transit route linking Tanzania, Kenya and South Sudan.
He said that he wastreated like a "sewer rat," but while Ali was hailed as ahero for the middle class and for his stand against an unpopularwar,
As the Kenya colony began preparations for World War II, a crisis engulfed the newly formed Pioneer Corps at their various bases at Ahero, and Nairobi, Kenya.
The markets selected were: Kibuye wholesale market, Kibuye open market, Oile Market, Mamboleo market and Ahero market.
American civil rights activist King is an icon in the country's history and the country's history and ahero to people all over a hero to people all over the world.
The study was conducted in four national irrigation schemes in Kenya, namely, Mwea in Kirinyaga county, Ahero in Kisumu county, Bunyala in Busia county, and West Kano in Kisumu county.
AHERO pilot who saved a multi-million pound jet from destruction by flying "blind" for more than 100 miles back to his base has died aged 82.
HIRE Ahero A CRUSADING minister hopes to create new lives for hundreds of hero squaddies leaving the Army.
The National Irrigation Board had over 1000ha of furrow-irrigated cane in Ahero and West Kano Irrigation Schemes in the 70's but sugarcane production was terminated in 1980 due to marketing problems.
Healwayswas ahero to his family but is now a hero to the whole country." A memorial website has been set up where people can pre-order the CD and leave messages of support - visit www.cumbrianhero642.