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AHFVAlkhurma hemorrhagic fever virus
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Ancient ancestry of KFDV and AHFV revealed by complete genome analyses of viruses isolated from ticks and mammalian hosts.
IgG and IgM testing for AHFV, CCHV, and RVFV was done with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA, USA) reagents and protocols by using cell culture-derived antigens (7,10,11).
Phylogenetic analysis of the 7 tick isolates and the available homologous sequences of AHFV are presented in the Figure.
To date, AHFV has been isolated only from human samples.
Recently, the complete coding sequence of AHFV was determined; comparative analysis with other tickborne flaviviruses confirmed that AHFV was most closely related to KFDV, and genetic distances suggested that AHFV was a subtype of KFDV (5).