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AHGAd Hoc Group
AHGAmerican Herbalists Guild
AHGAutomotive Holdings Group
AHGApria Healthcare Group (Lake Forest, CA)
AHGAlliance for a Healthier Generation
AHGAnnals of Human Genetics
AHGAnti-Human Globulin
AHGAffordable Housing Group (Tyler, TX)
AHGAsheville Hiking Group (Asheville, NC)
AHGAntihemophilic Globulin
AHGAnschütz Handels GmbH (German sporting rifle manufacturer)
AHGApollo Hospitals Group (India)
AHGAteliers de la Haute Garonne (French aerospace fastener manufacturer)
AHGAshworth-Hepplewhite-Gray (gas detection lamp)
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We're excited to officially bring the famous Baskin-Robbins brand to Pakistan, along with its range of premium ice creams and innovative ice cream treats,' said Irfan Mustafa, chairman of AHG Flavours.
As such, failure to sufficiently wash the RBCs before performing DAT may allow residual unbound IgG antibodies to remain in the tube, which then absorb and neutralize the AHG reagent.
In addition to its beach renovation programme, AHG is conducting a series of other "value-adding' projects, such as the phased refurbishment and expansion of Manar Mall, and the upgradation of Al Hamra Village's road intersection.
WATCH: AHG details its $10m beach renovation for RAK's Al Hamra Village
Results were grouped according to antibody (anti-A versus anti-D) and platform (tube or gel) and for anti-A separately in the IS/RT and the AHG phases.
AHG currently operates 15-dialysis centers island wide and is undergoing the construction of two new facilities with a completion date of August 2016.
By the end of 2020, AHG aims to open a chain of world-class Comprehensive Speciality Diabetic Care 'RAK Diabetes Centres' across the UAE in each of the seven Emirates.
A number of other trends are reflected in the changing agenda topics of AHG.
465 with respect to AHG and thus was not entitled to deduct certain attributed losses.
In association with renowned LV Prasad Eye Institute India, AHG is developing a specialised eye center that will deal with the diagnosis and management of complex medical and surgical eye disease; and serve as a key provider of routine eye care and refractive, optical, cosmetic, and eye trauma services for the region.
Meanwhile, in December, AHG shelved plans for an initial public offering (IPO), which potentially could have raised as much as US$ 1.
Reynolds, who will report directly to AHG chief executive officer and chairman of the board John G.